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This is one in a series of blog posts about the materials we’ve chosen to build our Zero House project…

What are GRK Fasteners?  GRK makes a range of screw fasteners, including several lines of structural screws. Normal screws can’t be used in many building applications because they do not have the shear strength or the pull strength to be used for structural purposes. GRK Fasteners are strong enough to be used throughout a building, and feature a recessed star drive that doesn’t strip. They also have a ZIP-TIP and cutting pockets so they drive quickly and don’t require pre-drilling.

Where are GRK Fasteners used in Zero House?  The prefabricated panels used to build Zero House rely on GRK fasteners in many locations:

  • The RSS (Rugged Structural Screws) hold the corners of the prefab panels together, providing a strong connection that draws the top and side plates together reliably and offer the shear strength and pull strength to keep the panels together
  • RSS are also used to connect the D-rings that allow us to pick up the panels with a crane or forklift
  • RSS are then used to connect each of the panelized elements of the building to the adjacent panels
  • The R4 Multi-Purpose Framing Screws are used to hold the strapping on the exterior of the building that will be used to attach the cladding. Here, their strength allows us to go through the outer layer of fiberboard and still make a good connection to the framing.

How do GRK Fasteners help achieve the Zero House goals?

  • Zero net energy use – RSS screws enable us to attach the prefab panels together with an exterior strapping that eliminates all thermal bridging from the design

Other reasons for using GRK Fasteners:

  • Affordability – Though GRK Fasteners are more expensive than some other fasteners, we are able to use fewer of them.
  • Availability – Home Depot and other major retailers carry GRK Fasteners
  • Workability – GRK screws never strip, drive quickly and without pre-drilling, cutting down on labor time.
  • Prefabrication – GRK screws allow us to quickly assemble our prefabricated panels, and then lift them into place on the building site.
  • Code Compliance – GRK screws meet all code requirements for use in structural capacities.
  • Waste – The star drive system never strips, so we are able to re-use screws, especially those used attaching crane lifting straps.

Any drawbacks to using GRK Fasteners?

  • We haven’t experienced any issues at all with any of the GRK Fasteners we’ve used.

GRK Fasteners will definitely be used on further projects at Endeavour Centre.

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