Delve into our audio-visual archives to learn about our projects, philosophy and innovations. Explore building sustainability and zero carbon building in a holistic and engaging way.

PODCAST appearances

Everything you need to know to get your natural building off the ground – Abundant Edge Podcast

"In this interview Chris talks about how he fell in love with natural building as he aspired to build his own home. From there we go into detail about some of the most important considerations when designing a sustainable home and how even natural buildings can be...

Building Homes and Sinking Carbon – Possibility Podcast

Host Sarah Knight discusses building materials that could make our homes carbon sinks rather than carbon sources with sustainable building expert, researcher, and Director of the Endeavor Sustainable Building School, Chris Magwood. Chris shares his expertise from his...

Making Better Buildings for People & Planet – SEE-Change Podcast

Along the way, however, Chris ran into what he calls “the carbon elephant in the room”, embodied carbon, which measures the total greenhouse gas emissions from harvesting, transporting and manufacturing building materials. People have become so focused on making...

How to reduce the embodied carbon of your new home – House Planning Help Podcast

Chris Magwood, a director at the Endeavour Centre in Canada, explains the importance of embodied carbon and how building with plant-based materials could transform our new homes into carbon sinks.

Material VIDEOS

Waste wood structural columns

Waste wood structural columns   There is an incredible amount of “waste” wood that is thrown into landfills or otherwise left to rot because it is not long enough to be used vertically in a building. So we take that wood and stack it up to make load bearing...

Tire pier foundation

Tire pier foundation Used car and truck tires are a waste dilemma in our society. Why not put these tires to use as structural elements in our buildings? We have used tires to create a tire pier foundation, creating a strong, long-lasting foundation that cost very...

Round straw bale columns

Round straw bale columns Many people use small, square straw bales to make buildings, but we used the big round bales as load-bearing columns in a building! The big rounds are incredibly dense and uniform, and we lab tested them to 120,000 pounds of load! They are...

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