Attention: Please read Endeavour Centre's response to [COVID-19](
Attention: Please read Endeavour Centre's response to [COVID-19](


Our team of experts offer an array of services beyond our courses!


It’s one thing to have a lot of knowledge and experience, but it’s another thing to be able to share it in an engaging and entertaining way! If you are looking for great public speakers [link to videos], there may be someone on Endeavour’s team to fit the bill.

Whether you want to address a general audience or building-literate specialists, talk to us about the needs of your event and we may be able to tailor a presentation to suit.


At Endeavour, those who can do also teach… and create curriculum!

The Endeavour team can design and develop custom curricula for professionals and newcomers alike. From short courses on specific topics to in-depth, long-form programs we can help you bring a top-tier experience to your learners in classroom or hands-on settings.



Endeavour made its name by making outstanding buildings, and we can bring our depth of experience to your project as consultants.

Our team can organize or participate in design charrettes and work directly with design teams to help you meet your ambitious green building goals.

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WORKSHOP & Program partner

Do you have a building project that you feel would make for an excellent workshop opportunity? We are always glad to discuss potential projects and partnerships!

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