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NAME: Sebastian Renel

FROM: Canada & Japan

PROGRAM:  Sustainable Building & Design

Student plastering a wall

Plastering has been a revelation in my life since 2007 when Chris Magwood from Endeavour introduced me to natural plasters. I did not know back then that this would become such a game changer in my life and those around me. For 10 years I have been regularly picking up a trowel for both small and big projects in Canada and Japan. My love for the art has instilled the desire to officially start Beyond Plasters in 2018, a plaster company that aims to bring healthy and harmonious finishes to a continuously evolving world.

From earthen plasters and floors to tadelakt and shikkui, Beyond Plasters has been striving to introduce these vernacular plastering techniques and tools from around the world to a more local scene in the hope to encourage the need for a more simple yet nourishing way of living. This enthralling journey is so much more exciting thanks to Endeavour’s continuous support through the years and our common aspiration to make our world a better place.