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NAME: Nicole Dulong

FROM: Ontario, Canada

PROGRAM:  Sustainable Building & Design

Nicole Dulong, (2018), Furniture Builder + Landscape Architecture Student, UBC

My time at Endeavour was nothing short of game-changing and I owe the current direction of my life to Shane, Chris, Jen, and the rest of the gang.  

My ‘experience’ with sustainable building prior to the course extended as far as podcasts, a couple of books and an incredibly keen interest. Lucky for me, the wealth of knowledge held by the three of them was unparalleled and I found myself picking my jaw up off the floor everyday for four months. 

The balance between site work, in-class time and take home assignments over those four months marked my return to reality with unmatched confidence, knowledge, and design literacy, not to mention a bangin’ network and great group of friends. 

2 years later, I’ve worked in both the architectural and carpentry+furniture design fields, and am currently pursuing my Master of Landscape Architecture. Ultimately, I believe that if I had not taken the leap to join Endeavour, my stars would be far less aligned and I urge you to do the same.