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NAME: Kristof Wittstock

FROM: Vienna, Austria

PROGRAM: Sustainable Building Course

Sustainable Building is one of my passions and my way of contributing to a healthier environment for future generations.

My name is Kristof Wittstock, I was born in Vienna, Austria and I am currently living and working all over the world. After taking part in the Sustainable Building Course in 2015, I started to integrate the information and techniques I learnt and implement them in my work as much as possible. I regularly experience first hand how versatile and flexible sustainable building can be, viewing it through the lens of permaculture applied to building.

After working in construction and renovation for years, I felt a strong need to move away from mainstream building practices that have a hugely negative impact on our environment. These processes often create unhealthy and toxic living environments as the industry’s focus shifts more and more towards fast and cheap building. Since taking part in the Endeavour Centres course, I have worked on projects in Canada, Mexico, Australia, and all over Europe.

I offer project management, consulting and contractor services for owners/builders who would like to use local, natural and sustainable materials and who are interested in
implementing overall best practices. Having travelled extensively the last 20 years, I am resilient, adaptable and willing to travel anywhere to take part in interesting projects.

I can be reached by email at kristof.o.wittstock@gmail.com if you have any questions. For samples of my work and some past projects, follow me on instagram at
https://www.instagram.com/wittstockwoodwerk/. I look forward to connecting.