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Attention: Please read Endeavour Centre's response to [COVID-19](
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NAME: Jeremy Clarke

FROM:  Ontario, CA

PROGRAM:  Sustainable Building & Design

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In 2012 I was working in the solar industry, only to realize we were approaching the problem completely backwards: we were putting solar systems on homes that were never designed to conserve energy and certainly weren’t built using environmentally conscious materials. I decided a new approach was needed to learn how the entire home works, so I attended the Endeavour Centre.

Upon graduating, I played a number of roles throughout the building industry, and have settled into my current role at Simple Life Homes. We design homes that conserve energy and are prefabricated in our facility from clean and environmentally friendly materials and are working hard to make all of our homes carbon negative. 

It was clear I needed a new approach to building better homes, and the Endeavour Centre helped me understand the fundamental issues of the built environment and provided clear actions to combat those issues.