Meet our skilled, educated, informed and just plain awesome team.

Our instructors have a remarkable depth of building and teaching experience that allows them to offer you dynamic, up-to-date and engaging learning opportunities. All our instructors share a belief in the power of a supportive setting in which students are challenged with a high degree of responsibility and autonomy. We believe in striving to have fun, work cooperatively and create an environment for positive learning.

Meet our Core Team

Jen Feigin - Jen Feigin is a designer, natural builder and DIY maniac based in Peterborough, Ontario. Jen has been on the natural building scene since 2005. In that time she has developed a deep knowledge for all aspects of sustainable building and design. She has worked on and designed projects ranging from composting outhouses to residential & commercial buildings. As a teacher, designer and builder she combines practicality and artfulness in equal measures, with a healthy dose of humour and spirit too! Jen will be part of the education team for the 5-month sustainable building intensive at Endeavour where she will help pass on her skills to new and experienced builders. An artist at heart, she works hard to build healthy, efficient, beautiful buildings that will inspire people through thoughtful design and artfulness. Jen loves dirt, good building details, spontaneous building projects, chocolate and fine Quebec beers!
CHRIS MAGWOOD Chris Magwood - Chris Magwood is obsessed with making the best, most energy efficient, beautiful and inspiring buildings possible – without wrecking the whole darn planet in the process. Chris is a founder of The Endeavour Centre and teaches in the Sustainable Building & Design program, Natural Building Intensive and many workshops where he enjoys sharing what he’s […]
Erik Bowden - Erik is a sustainable building and embodied carbon enthusiast. For over a decade, he has been committed to realizing the potential of buildings to be climate heroes, to regenerate the environment, and to be healthier places to live, work and enjoy. Erik holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Building Engineering with a specialization in […]
SHANE MACINNES Shane MacInnes - Shane has been active in the building world for over 12 years and is currently an instructor with The Endeavour Centre in both the Sustainable New Construction and Sustainable Renovation programs. When Shane isn’t getting dirty and rambling philosophically at Endeavour, you can find him in Toronto instructing a carpentry class at George Brown College and […]
Nikki Murray - The newest member of the Endeavour team, Nikki’s passion for sustainable living brought her to Endeavour first as a student, then a volunteer, finally joining the staff as Tool Library Coordinator. Nikki is a creative workhorse who enjoys the challenge of doing a little bit of everything.  When she is not slinging tools at the […]
M-C MACPHEE M-C MacPhee - Originally from Nova Scotia, M-C is a carpenter who has been living in Ontario for the last ten years. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts from Concordia University, M-C completed the Advanced Housing: Construction Carpentry program at Algonquin College. She later completed her Carpentry Apprenticeship working primarily in sustainable construction and through George Brown College. […]
DAVE MCDONNELL Dave McDonnell - Dave one of our assistant instructors for our sustainable building course. Dave, also known as the nave, navos or navos rancheros has been working in the carpentry field for over 20 years and brings a wealth of carpentry and building knowledge with him! Dave is super creative and is basically a superhero on site! From […]
JAVARIA AHMED - Javaria is a designer, artist, and sustainability enthusiast. Having been associated with the building design and the construction industry since 2006, She is motivated to work in the space between buildings and sustainability. Her architectural design work led to a postgraduate certificate in Green Architecture and a Masters in Environment and Sustainability. She has 6 […]
dog with stick Eddy - Edward “Eddy” Feigin-Magwood has been a construction assistant on Endeavour projects since the tender age of 12 weeks, and has won the prestigious “Favourite Endeavour Staff Member” award every year for the past 9 years. He brings enthusiasm, a deep love of morning greeting circles and a remarkable ability to protect sites against rodent hordes […]

Meet our guest instructors

Jeff Chalmers - Jeffrey has over 40 years experience in building code interpretation and enforcement as a plans examiner, inspector, chief building official, building code consultant and instructor of building code courses. Jeff has extensive knowledge in all areas of the Ontario code and has helped develop new training courses in the Ontario Building Code and also the […]
Leslie Doyle - Leslie Doyle is the owner and operator of Restoration Gardens, a full service green roof company offering design, installation and maintenance for both residential and commercial builds. With a background in landscaping and natural building, their green roofs emphasize ecological design with green building practices. Where applicable, they strive to create work that efficiently integrates […]
Sean Flanagan - The owner of Flanagan and Sun, Sean Flanagan, is a certified photovoltaic technician. In fact, Sean is the first person in Canada to graduate from the Photovoltaic Technician Training Program offered jointly through Seneca College and the Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA). In May of 2011, Sean Flanagan’s hard work and integrity earned him the 2011 County […]
ANNIE MURPHY Annie Murphy - Annie Murphy is a builder, educator and DIY enthusiast based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Since studying ‘Sustainable Construction and Design’ at Fleming College, Annie has been involved in a wide variety of building projects from Ontario to the Maritimes. From natural, green and high-efficiency projects, she has developed a skill set specific to the demands […]
Deirdre McGahern - Deirdre has owned and operated Straworks since 2005, building super-insulated homes, studios and commercial buildings across Ontario, while also building and maintaining relationships with clients and fellow crew members. She brings a great deal of passion, experience and knowledge to her projects and her teaching. She has studied Heritage Carpentry, as well as having a […]
Mike Henry - Mike Henry Bio Since 2004 Mike Henry has been working as a natural builder and plasterer with Camel’s Back Construction, Straworks, and as an independent plaster artisan. He is co-author of Essential Natural Plasters, a comprehensive book filled with practical information on materials and techniques, and natural plaster recipes contributed by many professional natural builders […]
Tim Krahn - Tim Krahn is a registered professional engineer and partner in Building Alternatives Inc. He holds a Masters degree in geotechnical engineering and a Bachelors degree in civil engineering from the University of Manitoba. He has experience in residential and commercial construction and holds a certificate in carpentry and wood working from Red River College. Tim […]
Jacob Deva Racusin - Jacob Deva Racusin is Studio Director and Director of Building Science and Sustainability with New Frameworks Natural Design/Build, offering services in renovation, new construction, consultation, and education.  As a builder, consultant, designer, and educator, Jacob is able to merge his passions for ecological stewardship, relationship to place, and social justice. Jacob has authored two books […]
Rob Avis - With over 20 years of combined experience in engineering, project management, ecological design and sustainable technologies, Rob and his wife Michelle Avis own & operate Adaptive Habitat – a unique and leading edge property design and management company in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. As skilled Professional Engineers, they offer a depth of practical expertise in building […]
Christopher Phillips - Christopher is President of Greening Homes, a LEED® Accredited Professional (Canada Green Building Council) and a graduate of the Sustainable Building Design and Construction program at Fleming College. From April-August 2007, Chris was a member of the team that built RD Lawrence Place in Minden, Ontario. Realizing the need to make a difference in an […]
Melinda Zytaruk - Melinda has 12 years of experience as general contractor with a focus green building and renovations. She is committed to developing sustainable shelter solutions at all stages – through project development, implementation and education. Melinda is also General Manager of the Fourth Pig Green and Natural Construction, our lead partner. At Tooketree Passive Homes she […]

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