Endeavour is no ordinary school

Endeavour is an innovative sustainable building school based in Peterborough, Ontario. Founded in 2011 as a not-for-profit organization, we started with the tagline “Get your hands dirty and your mind engaged,” and we’ve been growing and impacting people ever since!



We offer experiential education at the intersection of high-performance, natural & zero carbon building, where energy efficiency meets healthy and climate-friendly materials and practices in an inclusive and inspiring environment. We believe that learning is best achieved when innovation meets practical application in an iterative cycle.


Our students come from all walks of life and have all kinds of backgrounds and skill sets. Everybody at Endeavour – faculty, staff and students alike – share a passion for doing the best for people and the planet. We understand the enormous impact of buildings and want those impacts to be positive in every way.


Our graduates go on to do great work, here in Ontario, across Canada and around the world. From green roofing companies, green renovations to greenhouses, and all trades in between, you can find Endeavour graduates at the forefront of their chosen fields.


Our building projects bring together faculty and students to create buildings that meet the highest performance standards and the highest ecological and zero carbon building standards.


Our innovations help to set the bar for green building. We’ve been at the forefront of developing prefabricated straw bale wall panels, Poraver foundations, clay plasters, earthen floors, composting toilets, rainwater harvesting, and much more. Our research helps us develop “Alternative Solutions Packages” so that these innovations can be included in legally permitted buildings.


We undertake research into new and novel materials, both in-house and with other institutions and manufacturers.


We founded and operate the Peterborough Tool Library, assisting the residents of Peterborough in pursuing self-reliance and skill development.

Explore our program and projects, learn about our instructors and see what Endeavour has to offer you!


binoculors looking into sunset We endeavour to regenerate built environments into places that are inspiring, healthy, affordable and ecologically appropriate.


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Our instructors bring with them a depth of professional and teaching experience to offer you dynamic, up-to-date and engaging learning.

We are a small organization with big goals!

To support our mission, we are involved in a range of activities


Full-Time Programs

Our 4-month Sustainable Building & Design and 1-month Natural Building Intensive programs offer participants experiential education at the intersection of high-performance and natural building, where energy efficiency meets healthy and climate-friendly materials and practices. Students learn theory and practice from start-to-finish participation in real-world building projects that meet the highest standards of green building. Learn more…



Our workshops provide opportunities for learners at many different levels of experience to delve into the theory and practice of specific materials and strategies for green building. Ranging from 1 – 4 days in length, the workshops are focused and intense. There is no better way to dive into innovative building than an Endeavour workshop! Learn more…


Curriculum Development & Design

The Endeavour team can design and develop custom curricula for professionals and newcomers alike. From short courses on specific topics to in-depth, long-form programs we can help you bring a top-tier experience to your learners in classroom, hands-on or online settings. Learn more..



Books & Research

For in-depth, technical information it’s hard to beat a good book. So Endeavour teamed with New Society Publishers to create the Sustainable Building Essentials series. The books covers a full range of natural and green building techniques. Firmly rooted in building science and drawing on decades of experience, these large-format, highly illustrated manuals deliver comprehensive, practical guidance from leading experts using a well-organized step-by-step approach.  Learn more…


Peterborough tool Library

Endeavour operates the Peterborough Tool Library. This ventures assist the residents of Peterborough in pursuing self-reliance and skill development, and compliment the work of Endeavour. Learn more…

Experiential education

A sustainable building school where our students get their hands dirty and their minds engaged while learning from knowledgable practitioners on real world projects.

Climate-friendly BUILDING

The best in energy efficient design and zero carbon building, meeting or exceeding the highest standards in the industry.

HEALTHY materials

Using natural, non-toxic materials that are sourced locally and meet the highest ecological standards.



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