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2019 - Geneva Park Duplex Family Cabin

Group of student homebuilders

Small, affordable, healthy, climate-positive… this is what the Geneva Park YMCA wanted for their new duplex family cabin. Our answer to these needs is a sweet little two-unit home that blends the best of conventional materials with some great natural building innovations. 


2018 - Accessory Dwelling Unit Renovation

Image of renovation project

When the City of Peterborough allowed accessory dwelling units (ADUs) on downtown lots, the owner of this 100 year old concrete block garage envisioned a new living space. Endeavour brought our sustainable building goals to the project, including zero carbon footprint, zero toxins and zero waste with hempcrete and cellulose insulation, natural plasters and recycled materials everywhere…

2018 - Ecology Park Eco Shelter

Eco building

Peterborough GreenUP runs the Ecology Park, a five acre showcase of sustainable landscape ideas and resources. When they needed a programming hub to provide shelter and storage in the park, they applied all their landscape ideals to the buildings including the use of round pole framing, hempcrete, cordwood, multiple straw wall systems, natural plasters and timber framing…

2017 - Zero House

Photo of a grey sided modern house with porch

A lot of zeros add up to an amazing little house: zero net energy, zero carbon footprint, zero toxins, zero waste. Oh, and the whole building needed to be prefabricated and modular so it could be taken down and put up multiple times! We built prefab panels out of straw bales, mycofoam, cellulose, wood fiberboard, cork and more…

2014 - Trillium Lakelands Teacher union Office

The Trillium-Lakelands Elementary Teachers’ Union wanted a new office and meeting hall that reflected the high environmental standards they teach to their students. The result is a net-positive, healthy, inspirational and massively carbon-storing building using a straw/cell wall system and featuring earthen plasters, natural paints, timber framing and an innovative passive house heating system…

2013- Circle Organic Farm Hub and Root Cellar

Entrance to buried root cellar

Circle Organics grows amazing vegetables, and they needed an amazing place to wash, process and store those vegetables, as well as accommodations and meeting space for farm workers. A subterranean root cellar is attached to an above-grade vegetable processing room, with residential space above. Straw bale walls, natural plasters and more…

2012 - Canada’s Greenest Home

We wanted to understand the state-of-the-art in green building, and then do better. The result is this beautiful urban infill home made with prefab straw wall panels, natural plasters, renewable energy, healthy finishes and more…

2012 - Seasoned Spoon Root Cellar at Trent University

The Seasoned Spoon is a cafe at Trent University offering vegetarian and vegan meals on campus made mainly from locally grown food. To extend the amount of time they can use local produce, they wanted a subterranean root cellar. We designed and built it for them using earthbags, compressed earth blocks, natural plasters and natural ventilation…

2010 - Habitat for Humanity House

The Peterborough affiliate of Habitat for Humanity was in need of a fully accessible home design and wanted to meet the LEED Platinum rating. We brought prefab straw bale walls, straw/clay insulation, natural plasters, healthy finishes and more to this affordable, urban infill home…

2009 - Camp Kawartha Environment Centre

Camp Kawartha was given the use of a plot on the Trent University nature preserve to provide a space for environmental education for school children and the Trent University students who are learning to teach them. This amazing community hub features prefab and site-built straw bale walls, hempcrete and straw/clay insulation, natural plasters, solar energy and a full rainwater harvesting system…

2008 - Arts Centre Hastings


The municipality of Centre Hastings had an old baseball diamond in a corner of a park that was quickly becoming a revitalized community hub featuring a skate park, playground and splash pad. Arts Centre Hastings is a performing arts space featuring indoor and outdoor stages. The building uses a unique structural system featuring round straw bale columns, as well as natural plasters, hempcrete and straw/clay insulation, ground source heating, solar energy and more…

2007 - R.D. Lawrence Place (now Nature’s Place)


In the middle of the municipal complex in Minden, Ontario sits Nature’s Place, a museum focused on the natural heritage of the area. The building was designed to use local, natural materials including roundwood timbers, straw, clay, locally milled wood products and more…

2006 - Kinark Sustainable Living Centre


In Kinark’s Sustainable Living Centre, the goal is to create a beautiful, functional and comfortable space using materials and methods that have the least possible effect on the environment during construction. Nearly all the materials were harvested on site or locally, and unique features like waste-wood structural columns, annualized geo-solar heating and straw bale walls are combined with renewable energy…

2005 - 4C’s Food Bank and Thrift Store

In downtown Haliburton, Ontario, the 4Cs charity runs a food bank that is supported by the sales from an attached thrift store. The building features straw bale walls and earthen plasters, natural finishes, hempcrete and compressed strawboard interior walls, an earth-tube ventilation system and mor


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