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Meet our skilled, educated, informed and just plain awesome team.

Tim Krahn is a registered professional engineer and partner in Building Alternatives Inc. He holds a Masters degree in geotechnical engineering and a Bachelors degree in civil engineering from the University of Manitoba. He has experience in residential and commercial construction and holds a certificate in carpentry and wood working from Red River College. Tim is also a LEEDTM accredited professional, an active member of the Timber Frame Guild’s Timber Frame Engineering Council and a founding member of the Natural Buildings Engineering Group. Tim currently sits on the board of directors for the Ontario Natural Builder’s Coalition.

Building Alternatives Inc (BAI) is a consulting engineering firm licensed in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and the North-West Territories & Nunavut. BAI actively participates in educational programs both at university and college level institutions as well as through professional and trade associations. BAI is also active in applied research, working together with academic institutions on projects to improve our quantitative knowledge of pre-industrial building materials and their behaviour in the Canadian climate, working with the Alternative Village at the University of Manitoba and with researchers at Queen’s University, University of New Brunswick and others.

BAI specializes in engineering design using low-embodied energy, low carbon emission materials such as wood, earth, stone, straw, clay, hemp, and lime. This engineering design includes the techniques with which these materials are combined and assembled, and incorporates responsible and appropriate current technologies such as air barrier membranes and geosynthetics that allow new applications of the older, time tested materials.

Tim and his partner Dalila have lived in south-eastern Ontario since 2010, moving from Manitoba to take care of their family’s property near Codrington. While in Winnipeg, Tim was active in the inner city housing community as well as at the University of Manitoba, where he was a sessional and technical instructor in both architecture and engineering. Tim also spent two years as the coordinator of the Alternative Village at the U of M, which was founded by Building Alternatives principal, Dr. Kris Dick. His research interests include earthen construction, energy and material efficiency and sustainability in the built environment.