Attention: Please read Endeavour Centre's response to [COVID-19](
Attention: Please read Endeavour Centre's response to [COVID-19](


Meet our skilled, educated, informed and just plain awesome team.

Javaria is a designer, artist, and sustainability enthusiast. Having been associated with the building design and the construction industry since 2006, She is motivated to work in the space between buildings and sustainability. Her architectural design work led to a postgraduate certificate in Green Architecture and a Masters in Environment and Sustainability.

She has 6 years of experience in research, analysis, teaching, and design, working on a wide variety of projects with clients in Canada and internationally. She is excited by good user-friendly design that improves the lives of everyone involved and believes sustainable design and construction practices are no longer an alternative fringe idea but are quickly and rightly becoming the mainstream design methodology.

She is an accredited LEED Green Associate and often carries her own cutlery and straw. She enjoys problem-solving through DIY projects and finds her creative outlets in sketching, painting and cooking.