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Dawson Willsey


I have been building timber frames for 16 years. With 10 years as a primary member of Dwellings, I designed and lead the construction of many timber frame houses as well as other residential scale projects. Inspired by both the magnificent and more common frames of our country’s history, but also the enduring structures of Europe and Japan, I try to incorporate tradition, longevity, and, ultimately, beauty into every frame. I worked previously with Gibson Timber Frames doing barn restoration and new house frames.

Since the birth of my son in 2016, I have been staying closer to home and building a home workshop, working with some different (old and new) techniques.

I have undertaken building many frames to explore different techniques used to layout or construct timber frames, from geometrical layout to modern mill rule, from cutting with hand tools to modern power tools, from solo or group hand-raisings to elaborate crane raisings.

Early on I saw timber framing as a great companion for other natural building methods, a great way to incorporate raw, local building materials into a main element of a building.

My passion for these ways of building come from the hand work and craft involved, and the involvement of many people to lend the finished product a level of soul that is not seen enough in our buildings today.

I studied Heritage Carpentry and Millwork at Algonquin College, and I am proud to be a part of the local and international natural building community, doing our piece to keep this planet cool.