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Why buy tools when you can share them?

Four years ago this question seemed like a good one, with an obvious answer. The Directors of the Endeavour School along with a group of dedicated committee members worked day and night to organise, collect tools, raise funds and set up software, and in May of 2016 the Peterborough Tool Library was born!

In a nutshell, a tool library is just like a regular library, except it’s for tools instead of books.  

You may have heard before that the average power drill is used only 12-15 minutes in its entire lifetime, yet most people have one.  At the same time, others struggle with simple jobs because owning tools may be out of their financial reach. Still others may be downsizing after retirement and no longer have the space to store extra tools they don’t use very often. What’s more, most projects require much more than a drill; even a simple project like installing a shelf may require up to 10 different tools to get the job done!

At the tool library members pay a low yearly fee of $60 and they gain access to hundreds of tools that they can borrow for up to two weeks at a time.

With a tool library membership you are:

Saving Money Buying new tools is expensive and not everyone can afford it. Renting a drill/driver combo from a big box store costs up to $120 for one week, and buying new would cost even more.  At the tool library your membership allows you to get what you need, when you need it for one low yearly fee.

Saving Space Your home should be living space, not storage space! Reclaim your space and let us do the storing.

Doing your part for the planet If you have ever bought a new tool you know they do not skimp on the packaging.  Every time you borrow instead of buying you are removing a big pile of cardboard, metal and plastic from the waste stream. Not to mention all the water, fossil fuels and metals that go into producing a new tool!

Building Better Communities Since opening the Tool Library has become so much more than just a practical solution to a practical problem. It’s a community hub where members come together to chat, laugh and share ideas; where community members can have a meaningful volunteer experience helping others access the tools they need; where those struggling to tackle difficult jobs can find solidarity, share information and benefit from others’ expertise.

At PTBO Tool Library, we believe that our community needs access, not excess. 

At PTBO Tool Library, we believe that our community needs access, not excess. 
Check out to browse the over 600 items in our inventory, check out membership options, and find out how you can get involved in the sharing economy!

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