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2015 Natural Building Workshop Schedule

Endeavour’s 2015 workshop schedule is our most extensive ever! Check out topics ranging from natural plastering to fundamentals of building science, earthen floors to straw bale construction… The link to our calendar is here, and from there you can jump to the details for each workshop.

2015 workshop list

Framing Carpentry for Women

Women's carpentry workshop

TBA 2016

Jen Feigin and Deirdre McGahern

Framing a house can seem like an intimidating process, especially for women who don’t have a lot of experience with power tools, marking and measuring. In this workshop, participants will learn about the construction of a conventional frame house by building a complete shed project.

From floor framing to roof decking, wall studs to siding, you will learn how to use the tools and do the work to create all the elements of a framed building and see the progression from a pile of lumber to a well-built, sturdy framed shed.

Your instructors will assist you with understanding all the marking, measuring and tool use required in an atmosphere that’s supportive and constructive.

Along the way, Jen and Deirdre will also share lots of tips and advice for framing projects you might have in mind, and in keeping with Endeavour’s environmental focus they will also talk about ecologically preferable materials and sourcing.

You will leave the workshop having completed an entire frame building from the ground up, and will also have a set of detailed plans and notes to help you re-construct the experience on your own. There is no better opportunity to learn the incredibly useful skill of framing!

Entry requirements:
Open to all women

Early bird : $400
Regular: $450
Fees include healthy lunch (vegetarian and vegan options available)

Maximum class size: 12


Timber Framing Joinery Workshop

TBA – Summer 2014

Instructor Name: Mark Davidson
Whippletree Post and Beam
Keene, ON

Workshop Description

The beautiful craft of timber framing is exemplified by the work of Mark Davidson at Whippletree Post and Beam. Mark has been teaching workshops in timber framing and joinery since 2003. The intention of his workshops is to provide a good learning environment with an accent on positive feedback from instructors, and time for the whole class to share information. The combination of small class sizes with the use of handtools for the workshops, helps to create a course that is quiet, focused and relaxed.

In the two-day joinery workshop, participants are provided with materials, plans and guidance for several different projects, with varying degrees of difficulty. Each of the projects go home with the participant to provide a reference piece for future work.

Joinery courses are taught using hand tools including Japanese, Barr and Sorby chisels, carpenter’s square, knife, handsaws, boring machine, mallet and chisel, adze, hatchet and axe.

Classes are taught at the Whippletree Workshop at 2025 Settler’s Line, near Keene, Ontario.

Registration will open for this workshop when the dates and location have been confirmed. Please contact us if you are interested, and we’ll let you know when the details are available.

Entry Requirements
Open to all


Maximum class size: 12