Meet Our Team!

The Graduates of SNC 2012
From left to right:
Fionna, Brian, Heather, Chris (instructor), Jen (Instructor), Blair, Nathan, Jeremy, Graham, Lorna
Blair Kilrea
Born and raised in the Ottawa Valley,Blair is a well traveled individual who has explored North America in a nomadic fashion. Absorbing knowledge like a sponge,he asks hard questions to better grasp and understand what he is learning. The course at Endeavour represents a fifteen year dream come true for him as he travels down this ecological road,mind overflowing with project ideas. Blair lives by the motto "Why not" and loves thinking way outside of the box. After Endeavour,he will be looking for design work and projects around the Ottawa area.
Brian Tighe
Likes: Jobsite banter; well-earned beer (will gladly take a freebie though); Heather's baking.

Dislikes: Running out of popsicles on site.

I'm a Peterborough local and come to the Endeavour program with some building and renovation experience. Logically enough, as a history major, I chose the career path of manual labour and construction. I'm seeking to improve my skills and learn new techniques and concepts that excite me. The specificity of sustainable building and its thorough approach and execution make it an ideal avenue. I am so very pleased to be able to participate in this project.
Fionna Tough
Hailing from Sudbury ON, Fionna is grateful for the Endeavour Centre experience! Moving away from conventional Post-Secondary education has been the best decision she has made in life thus far. With hopes of moving back to Northern Ontario in the near future, Fionna hopes she will continue her journey of seeking out traditional knowledge, relevant to these changing times. - "If ya love the life you live, you'll get a lot more done." quoted from Paolo Nutini
Graham Wise
Heather Bell
I grew up in Peterborough and love to travel and explore other cultures and people, so far including parts of Australia, SE Asia, North and Central America, China and Europe. I keep busy working as a server and doing property management. I enjoy decorating and baking and spending time outdoors. I'm very interested in environmentally friendly construction and home design and am excited to be part of building Canada's greenest home!
Jeremy Clarke
Just shy of 20 years old, I've been taking life by the reigns to the best of my ability. I've spent time in various career paths from music production/ performance to sales and finance. In an attempt to mesh my entrepreneurial drive with all the things I love into a career, I've found my self in the sustainable building world. A place that allows for the creation of things, involving so many different aspects. From clients and friends, to architecture and design. The Green market is full of avenues. As we near our course end, the sights are narrowing and I look forward to springing into a career that will help my self and generations to come.
Lorna Storey
I was born and raised in Nova Scotia but my home for the past 11 years has been Toronto. I'm a dedicated environmentalist and at the same time passionate about cities - in particular finding ways to make cities more liveable.

I took a sabbatical from my career as an IT Project Manager to join Endeavour in building this house and learn more about sustainable building practises. I hope to apply the skills and knowledge I'm getting this summer to urban sustainable building projects and be part of the trend to make cities 'greener' and more sustainable.
Nathan Ferguson