Pat Savard

Owner, Greencraft Homes

Pat has spent most of his building career in home renovating. Pat runs his own operation doing home renovations in Peterborough, Ontario. He recently taught the Sustainable Renovations Program with Sir Sanford Fleming College in 2010 and is a former graduate of the Sustainable Building and Design Course at Sir Sanford Fleming College.

Pat has experienced working in various construction crews such as, framing, forming, finishing carpentry, etc. and has stayed in the home renovating business because of the challenge of making a well functioning and healthy living space from structures which are existing and in need of repair.

Pat has a long history in teaching and instruction, he began in British Columbia where he, river guided on the Kicking Horse River and taught snowboarding on the Coastal Mountains. Teaching in construction came later when Pat worked as crew boss for a Vancouver home renovating company and was responsible for staff training.