Andrew Brunning

Andrew Brunning Andrew Brunning “Rocket Stove Andy” was first introduced to green building and renewable energy during a 3-year program at Seneca College. He has worked within the realms of Solar-Energy and LED Lighting that focused on energy-saving retrofit programs.  More recent fields of study include a Permaculture Design Course (PDC) and yoga teacher training (RTY200), hobby beekeeping, organic gardening and “everything resilient,” including a Sepp Holzer permaculture training course.

Andrew first built a Rocket Mass Heater to heat a greenhouse in the backyard. After producing copious amounts of salad greens during a long, cold winter, he realized the potential of super-efficient and clean wood burning mass heaters for cold climates.  Andrew began teaching others how to build these systems during social gatherings and weekend building workshops.

Andrew is a member of the Masonry Heater Association and has completed the Heater Masons Education and Development Program (HMED) and is working towards becoming a Certified Heater Mason.

Efficient and cost effective Rocket & Masonry Heater kits for self-builders are currently the focus of Andrew’s research endeavors, and can be viewed on his website @ He looks forward to seeing you at the next Rocket Mass Heater workshop!