Water Harvesting Earthworks Workshop


Instructor: Douglas Barnes

Entry requirements: Open to all


The Water Harvesting Earthworks workshop will teach you about the design and construction of water harvesting earthworks. You will be introduced to appropriate siting and the functions of water harvesting. The workshop is an essential practical course for landscape designers, permaculturists, and landowners seeking to maximize food production and ecosystem resiliency at the lowest cost and impact in Ontario.
As our climate grows more and more unstable, drought is increasingly becoming a serious problem for Ontario landowners. Any given year can see a severe drought that causes tremendous agricultural losses, or just turns your garden brown. Despite the uncertainty in the weather, there are techniques that can be employed to can help to make your land more resistant to drought and water scarcity.
Water Harvesting Earthworks workshop covers:
  • Swales & swale placement calculations
  • Water harvesting calculations
  • Retention ponds
  • Safety
  • Soil types and depths
  • Budgets
  • and much more
The course will look at the permaculture theory behind the design of earthworks, as well as include an opportunity for students to practice design skills with a practice project.
water harvesting earthworks
There will be careful emphasis put on recognizing dangerous conditions to avoid creating potential disasters. You will learn to recognize where earthworks would be safe to employ, but would otherwise be unnecessary and wasteful.
Ticket Prices
Early Bird250.00