Small Buildings BCIN Course

Exam Preparation for Small Buildings (2012)

Instructor: Jeff Chalmers


The Small Buildings BCIN course for Building Officials and Designers (2012) prepares you to take the Small Buildings exam, a requirement for obtaining a Building Code Identification Number (BCIN).


2012 Building Code CompendiumIn Ontario, all building design practitioners must obtain a Building Code Identification Number (BCIN) to ensure familiarity with the Ontario Building Code and to be eligible to obtain the insurance necessary to practice professionally in the province.


This preparatory course for the Small Buildings 2012 exam is based on the new, updated OBOA (Ontario Building Official’s Association) curriculum training. Instructor Jeff Chalmers is a former CBO and helped develop the OBOA curriculum. He is a highly experienced teacher able to help you challenge the exam.



This training course has been developed to assist experienced practitioners review and become more familiar with the portions of the 2012 Building Code dealing with Part 9 small buildings. It is largely based on Parts 3, 9 and 12 of Division B of the Building Code along with Supplementary Standards SB-2, SB-3, and SB-7, Note: SB-9 is covered in the companion manual entitled House – 2012. The Small Buildings Manual has been designed to prepare those Building Code Act Practitioners who intend to challenge the Small Buildings – 2012 examination.


See the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing web site at for exam locations and dates.


Participants will need their own copy of the two-volume Ontario Building Code – 2012.


The Small Buildings BCIN course fees include the required OBOA workbook ($125 value)


8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
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