Plumbing All Buildings – 2012

Prerequisites: Plumbing House

Course Description:
This OBOA course explains the theory that is the basis for the provisions of the Code that regulate drainage, venting and water systems Assistance will be provided to the participant in learning how to find and apply applicable OBC requirements. Through the exercises contained herein, it will focus on creating understanding so that the participant may correctly interpret and apply the regulations.

This course should also assist participants in identifying those areas of the OBC where additional instruction and study may be required in order to be successful in challenging the Ministry of Municipal Affairs Examinations.

The areas covered in the instructor-led course are:

  • Materials and Equipment
  • Piping
  • Drainage Systems
  • Venting Systems
  • Potable Water Systems
  • Non-Potable Water Systems

This course also assists those who may wish to become more familiar with aspects of Plumbing – All Buildings. The goal of this course is to provide a participant-centered learning environment in order to:

  • Review the specific code requirements that relate to Plumbing ? All Buildings as indicated in the 2012 Examination Syllabus.
  • Facilitate the location, understanding and application of the code requirements dealing with Plumbing ? All Buildings.
  • Evaluate the accuracy of the participant?s application of these code requirements to the problems provided.
  • Propose and justify code specific solutions to participant questions and concerns.

Upon completion of this overview course, learners will be better able to:

  • Relate Code requirements that govern plumbing
  • Determine the requirements applicable to specific plumbing systems
  • Identify deficiencies in plumbing design and installation
  • Develop a plan of action to inspect plumbing installations
  • Become familiar with plans of buildings and drawings of plumbing installations

This course is designed to help prepare individuals to write the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing?s Plumbing All Buildings qualification examination, the common element for all areas of MMAH qualification.

Participants will need their own copy of the two-volume Ontario Building Code-2012 or fully up to date 2006. 

Registration fees for this course include your copy of the required OBOA workbook ($125 value)

November 13, 2017 to November 17, 2017
Ticket Prices
Early bird595.00