Permaculture Design Certificate


Instructor: Douglas Barnes

Entry requirements: Open to all


Endeavour is excited to offer a Permaculture Design Certificate course for the first time in 2017. This course is a fascinating and life-altering look at permaculture principles and applications.


permaculture design certificate


The Permaculture Design Certificate course at Endeavour is a 72-hour permaculture design course using the recognized standard curriculum. The certificate attests that you acquired certain knowledge of the subject, and it enables you to start using the word “permaculture” in your livelihood and professional practice.
The Permaculture Design Certificate course curriculum introduces you to the following topics:
  • Understanding what sustainability really is
  • The design process
  • Permaculture strategies for design
  • Understanding natural patters and systems ecology
  • An overview of climate globally
  • Soil fertility, composting, and nutrient cycling
  • The ecology of trees, and how they shape the environment
  • Designing water and earthworks systems
  • An introductory look at aquaculture and aquaponics
  • Designing for cold temperate climates, including housing, water, and agricultural systems
  • Effective, low-maintenance garden design
  • Designing for arid climates, including appropriate housing, water and agricultural systems
  • Designing for tropical climates, including housing, water, and agriculture
  • Intangible systems, including social and financial systems
Students will have a number of smaller design projects to practice the material covered. There will also be a main group design project for students to complete and present by the end of the course.
Permaculture Design Certificate instructor Douglas Barnes is a permaculture designer trained in Australia by Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton. He has worked on permaculture projects in North America, Australia, Japan, and, India. He lives in Tweed, Ontario in a passive solar house he designed and built and he blogs at He is a passionate teacher to introduce you to permaculture.
9:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Ticket Prices
Early Bird850.00