Essential Straw Clay Construction Workshop


Instructor: Chris Magwood

Entry Requirement – Open to all


Essential Straw Clay Construction workshop is based on the new book, Essential Light Straw Clay Construction, and is taught by the book’s editor Chris Magwood. Essential straw clay workshop


Come and discover how a simple mix of low-cost natural materials can create a remarkable thermal insulation that is affordable, non-toxic, fire-resistant and able to handle moisture.


Light clay/straw (LSC or slip straw or straw/clay) construction uses straw mixed with clay slip to create an insulation material with good thermal, moisture-handling and structural properties.


In this Essential Straw Clay Construction workshop, participants will learn about the components of straw/clay, see a slideshow of various Canadian and international straw/clay building projects, and gain an understanding of how, why and where straw/clay is an appropriate material choice. In the classroom, we will look at the costs, sourcing and building science of using straw/clay on new building projects and renovations.



In the hands-on component of the workshop, participants will learn how to assess the necessary materials and create a mix that is appropriate for a desired end use. We will use mixing machinery to create batches of straw/clay, and learn how to place them in a wall system. Different types of framing and shuttering (or forming) systems will be shown. You’ll learn to handle the materials and equipment safely. Every participant will leave with a straw/clay block they cast themselves.


After this workshop, you will be able to undertake a straw/clay project of your own!


 Fees for Essential Straw Clay Construction workshop include healthy lunch (vegetarian and vegan options available)


9:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Ticket Prices
Early Bird125.00