Build Your Own Bee Hotel

Intro to Bees & the Environment

Entry Requirements – Open to all


Did you know that Ontario is home to 400 species of native bees that carry out pollination services to our backyard gardens and urban forests? 30% of native Ontario bees nest in cavities, hollow twigs or stems, and similar hidden spaces throughout our neighbourhoods.

The rapid decline of bees in Ontario is due to many factors, including loss of habitat. Communities can help support the revival of these important pollinators by providing an abundant variety of flowering plants and trees, as well as nesting areas for native bees to raise brood

Installing native bee houses in urban landscapes, lovingly referred to as Bee and Bees or Bee Hotels, provide critical support for native bees to thrive and continue to pollinate our local flowering plants and food crops
In this 1-day workshop, you will deepen your understanding of these crucial pollinators & leave with a bee hotel that you can hang up at home!  This is one of many steps you can take to support the revival of these important pollinators!






Workshop Agenda

  • 45 -minute presentation – The Bees in Your Backyard – The native bee life cycle, Where do native bees live? Promoting Bees in your Neighbourhood, bee house examples
  • Review bee hotel design options- Nest block & Wood block
  • Start building our bee hotels!

Each participant will have the opportunity to build both styles of bee houses if time allows.


Peterborough Pollinator calendars will be available to purchase for $20 (cash only) and each workshop participant will receive a native pollinator seed mix for their garden from GreenUP Ecology Park’s Community Beekeeping Program.







Instructors- Jen Feigin & Marcy Adzich

Marcy Adzich has been exploring the flora and fauna of built and natural landscapes since she was a child growing up on the outskirts of surburbia near Edmonton, Alberta. Over the past 2 decades,Marcy has dedicated herself to developing skills and knowledge of local ecology, permaculture practices and food systems from Oregon to Ontario.

Presently, Marcy fulfills the manager role of GreenUP Ecology Park- a 5 acre nature sanctuary and tree nursery. She is currently directing the Community Beekeeping and Native Bee Share program, as well as the “Planting Our Fruiture” initiative, encouraging the integration of local food systems with urban forest and residential

Workshop fee includes healthy lunches (vegan and vegetarian options available)

Please note this workshop has a sliding scale fee. Please choose the appropriate scale

9:00 AM - 4:30 AM
Ticket Prices
Regular Fee125.00
Student/Unwaged/Reduced Fee85.00