Meet Our SNC 2013 Team!

Barthelemy 'Donkey' Glumineau
Co-ordinator Roles: Foundation, Windows and Plumbing.

Barthelemy is a multi-talented artist. He is a circus performer, working in his own creations or for companies such as Cirque du Soleil. More at
He is also very active in video/photo production, involved in every steps from scripting, directing to post-production, for broadcast, web or live events. You can find more at
In parallel to those areas, he is a world traveler, build open-source hardware and is more and more involved in permaculture and natural building movements.
Melissa 'Watch Out For The Quiet One' Furukawa
Co-ordinator Roles: Wall & Ceiling Sheathing, Solar Hot Water and Doors.

Melissa has moved from Toronto to Circle Organic Farm for the duration of the course and is loving it. Coming from a science (physics) background, it is refreshing for her to get her hands dirty and build! For her, this course is the beginning of a journey towards learning how to live self sufficiently and sustainably. She is interested in both design and construction and hopes to integrate the skills she will learn in a new career path in sustainable building.
Kevin 'Henry' Karl
Co-ordinator Roles: AGS Heating, Health and Safety and Insulation.

Little known fact about Kevin: he is a yellow belt in Karate! Also, he can name the majority of state capitols in the U.S. (Bizmarck, North
Dakota anybody?) He is having a blast with all the wonderful people involved with the course and looks forward to continuing to build in the future.
Gordon 'Shrek' Magill
Co-ordinator Roles: Framing, Durisol Wall, and Composting Toilets.

34 year old Gordon Magill comes to The Endeavour Centre after spending most of his adult life as a road warrior - a long distance truck driver who served 4 seasons on The Ice, spent a year hauling logs in New Zealand, and generally being a wandering old soul. He has always had the feeling that he needed to do something more, and apply new skills and ideas towards a different world.

Gordon is our Framing, Durisol Wall, and Composting Toilets Co-Ordinator, and thus far, has developed an unhealthy obsession with the air nailer. His coursemates enjoy his many anecdotes about life, against the state, and various colourful expressions of frustration.
Amber 'Waste Wizard' McRae
Co-ordinator Roles: Waste and Recycling, Roof Framing & Sheathing and Rainwater.

Amber has worked in different areas but always ended up having a strong desire to help the environment and live sustainably.
Coincidently in a string of events, Chris Magwoods Endeavour Centre's program "sustainable building" became a reality and she was able to follow her dream and take the course.

After the programs completion, she's hoping to continue this reality in a career path.
Flawio 'Not The Boss' Soares
Co-ordinator Roles: Straw Bale Wall, Site & Tools and Stairs.

Flawio is following his dreams and taking giant steps towards an organic future and the course is making it possible.
a carpenter by trade he is happy to refine his skills and also learn more!
Kara Holzmiller
Co-ordinator Roles: Soffit, Fascia and Eavestrough, Heating and Electrical.

Kara is a Wisconsin native, but has led a bit of a gypsy life. At some point in the last 10 years, Kara has called Minnesota, Australia, California, Colorado, Arizona, and now Canada "home". Since completing her Bachelor's Degree of Environmental Science from the University of Minnesota in 2008, she has held various environmentally related positions from hydrologic technician, unexploded ordinance surveyor, to landscaper, and continued to further her sustainable education which is what brought her to the Endeavour Centre. After obtaining her Permaculture Design Certification last year, Kara is looking for any opportunity to create permaculture landscapes and wants to incorporate sustainable building into her designs. In addition to sustainable building/living, Kara loves traveling, cooking, brewing beer, hiking, camping, skiing, climbing, swimming, and music.
Clayton 'Muscles' Linton
Co-ordinator Roles: Post and Beam Frame, Greywater and Plastering.

Clayton is a small town boy from Cobourg. He is using this course to feed his passion for natural and sustainable building. Following this course, he hopes to continue building this way for himself, and as a career. As someone who has in depth firefighting training, Clayton has chosen to build with earth and straw for its fire safety, but also for the indoor air quality it promotes, the building performance it offers, the warm aesthetic it has, and it's cost efficiency.
Lara Tarroni
Co-ordinator Roles: Root Cellar, Blog and Purchasing.

For years Lara has been fascinated with house building, this is a chance to build one and do something that she feels should be a precedent for house building in the future. She is committed to trying to live in a sustainable world and help others to do so.
Noah Earle
Co-ordinator Roles: Budget, Solar Hot Air and Framing.

Returning to his birthplace from Toronto, Noah is excited to spend the summer in Peterborough and on the Circle Organic farm.
Over the past decade Noah has been involved in a number of different initiatives; co-founding an arts events program, a software start-up and operating an advertising studio.
He is excited to explore sustainable practices and to apply his interests in function and form to create performance-centric design solutions.
Chris 'The Boss' Magwood

Jenny 'Hammerpants' Feigin

Eddy 'Top Dog' Spaghetti