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New Sustainable Essentials Titles

Endeavour is proud to be the series editor for the Sustainable Building Essentials Series from New Society Publishers. Now numbering 11 titles, the series is on track to be the go-to resource for the homeowner, designer and builder seeking to make the most people- and planet-friendly buildings.

Released in 2018 are four great new titles:

Essential Natural Plasters, by Tina Therrien and Mike Henry. This is the recipe book and resource that all plasterers have been waiting for! Combining many years of experience, the authors describe how clay and lime plasters work, and assemble time-tested recipes from plasterers from around the world.

Essential Rainwater Harvesting, by Michelle and Rob Avis. The two principles at Verge Permaculture have created the ideal resource for anyone looking to harvest and use rainwater from their building. From simple systems for irrigation to complete household, potable use, the book has all the information you need to do the calculations, systems planning and installation of your rainwater system.

Essential Composting Toilet Systems, by Ann and Gord Baird. No other topic lacks solid, well-researched information than composting toilets. Gord and Ann Baird from Eco-Sense have put together an incredibly helpful book that looks at how and why composting works, and review the many types of systems on the market. From homemade bucket toilets to high-tech systems, this book is everything you need to know about choosing the composting toilet that is right for you.

Essential Rammed Earth Construction, by Tim Krahn. Rammed earth is beautiful, durable and can be eco-friendly. Tim Krahn, an engineer with Building Alternatives who has been working with and designing for rammed earth for many years, examines rammed earth in its raw and stabilized forms, and provides all the details you need to know to create your own rammed earth building.