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This is one unlimited web hosting reviews about the materials we’ve chosen to build our Zero House project…

What are Inline Fiberglass windows? Inline is a Toronto-based manufacturer of high quality, energy efficient windows that use fiberglass frames, rather than the more typical vinyl or wooden frames.

Where are Inline Fiberglass products used in Zero House? All of our windows and doors are manufactured by Inline, including casement windows, fixed windows, sliding glass doors and entry door with locks. To give you good quality glass products for your house or building you can visit Glass Replacement Visalia.

Range of plantation shutters have wide compound louvers that fit into a window frame and are controlled by way of a wooden rod running up the middle. When not needed, they swing away on hinges in the same way traditional shutters do, except on the inside.

How do Inline Fiberglass products help achieve the Zero House goals? 

  • Zero net energy use – Inline makes very energy efficient windows with insulated fiberglass frames, triple glazing and great seals around opening windows. Inline received the highest energy efficiency rating in Canada from Energy Star. Inline worked with us to “tune” our glazing, so Zero House would have the best solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) on the south glazing, and the best energy efficiency on the north.
  • Zero carbon footprint – The manufacturing process for fiberglass window frames has a much lower carbon footprint than vinyl windows, and is about the same as aluminum clad wood frames.
  • Zero toxins – Fiberglass windows do not off gas like vinyl windows, and do not require the often-toxic paints used to protect wood windows.
Inline Fiberglass windows for Zero House net zero energy home

Inline triple pane fiberglass windows and sliding doors are part of our passive solar design

Other reasons for using Inline Fiberglass Windows:

  • Durability – Fiberglass frames have very little expansion and contraction as temperature conditions change, which helps glazing units to maintain their seals. The windows do not deteriorate in UV light and do not require painting or maintenance.
  • Affordability – Inline windows are very reasonably priced, especially for their level of performance. The cost for the windows is easily justified by the increase in energy efficiency and energy savings.
  • Workability – The exterior extensions on the windows allow us to match our siding depth and create a good seal around the windows. Inline’s clip installation system is easy to work with.
  • Code compliance – Inline windows meet all required CSA standards.

Any drawbacks to using Inline Windows?

  • We have used Inline Windows on projects since 2005, and have never had any quality issues or call-backs.

We will definitely be using Inline Windows on future projects. When you want your house and windows painted, just hire house painting santa monica ca services.

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