Welcome to Endeavour!

We are very excited to be introducing the Endeavour Centre, a new not-for-profit sustainable learning, building and living centre! While it represents a new beginning in many ways, it’s also the culmination of everything its founding members have been doing as builders and teachers over the past number of years.

We envision Endeavour as an exciting addition to the existing “hubs” of sustainable building activity that dot the globe and provide education, inspiration and support to sustainable builders worldwide. “Hubs” like this don’t spring out of nowhere. Our past roles as creators and instructors at Fleming College’s sustainable building programs has put us at the centre of a growing network of builders, teachers and graduates. With the Endeavour Centre, we hope to intentionally foster this community and help it to grow and develop into something exciting and dynamic.

The heart of Endeavour is its programs. Our full-time New Construction and Renovation programs will offer students an in-depth, hands-on experience in a real-life building project from start to finish. We will be adding a full-time Sustainable Design program to that roster of in-depth, intensive, hands-on learning opportunities.

We’ll be rounding out our full-time offerings with a wide range of exciting workshops that will bring together talented practitioners of sustainable and natural building techniques to share their knowledge in shorter formats. Our workshops will maintain the focus on hands-on, practical learning.

In a world that often seems overfull with “doom and gloom,” we have found that hands-on sustainable building skills are a sure way to overcome malaise and empower people to actively participate in building better communities. The “hub” we envision at Endeavour will bring together people who share a passion for sustainable building and create ties that enable and inspire real change.

We sincerely hope you’ll join us in this Endeavour!



Chris Magwood, Jen Feigin and Diane Csenar

Founding Directors,

The Endeavour Centre

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